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It’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted anything. After the insane number of trips I took, I have been just so exhausted and I really didn’t have the energy to create any art. In fact, I’m not here to reflect upon my journey or to post any new doodles (both of which I do plan on doing in the near future) rather I wanted to post this anti-rape PSA out of the UK.


It is quite a powerful commercial which, interestingly enough, is directed at young men. I really do have to applaud the UK on this. One of the biggest hurdles that women in North America have to face is the culture of victim blaming. And not to mention that it addresses the fact that rape doesn’t often look like the screaming mess that TV and movies make it out to be. Rape is also a forceful partner who does not listen to the implicit and/or explicit signals from the victim to stop.

Its interesting how in the US women who demand basic preventative healthcare in the form of birth control are labelled sluts and prostitutes yet in the UK the government is actively working to prevent rape the right way (namely focusing on the perpetrators and not the victim). How many slut walks will it take for the public discourse to change here in North America? What are the British doing that we are not?


The mayoral election has captivated my fair city of Toronto and it seems we have elected a Tea Partier into office. I think this means goodbye for Transit City. All I ever wanted is better public transit. I would absolutely be willing to pay higher taxes on my car if I had a practical alternative…and its not just because I’m some free spirit hippy liberal (although I am). It actually takes me about an hour and a half to get to my office which is about 25 km away. Seriously, WTF!? I guess I will need to move to London or something if I really wanted to live a car free life.

In other news, midterm US elections are fast approaching and the crazy just keeps on coming. No one does political theater better than the US and it’s journalism like this that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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