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I’m not sure if I mentioned it before but my best friend is getting married this year and I have been appointed the official mehndi artist for her wedding. The only henna tattoos I’ve ever done were on myself and only for fun so needless to say I am extremely nervous. I have spent the last few months practicing and my trip to Pakistan certainly helped as my cousin is a skilled mehndi artist. I finally think that my most recent practice attempt is worth posting so here it is, for your viewing pleasure.


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  • autonomousspirit: Live drawing is pretty...different, I will say that. Especially if you have a professor or course instructor constantly peering over your shoulder! P
  • originaldoodles: Thanks so much! I really appreciate the feedback. Its been a while since i've posted any drawings but knowing that I have an audience will definitely
  • autonomousspirit: Hello! I thought you might like to know I found your page while googling pen and ink drawings, & I love your focus on the organic atmosphere! :)