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For some reason I am really in to drawing things in profile right now..

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Today is Christmas and my Grinchy self spent the day painting the walls of my family room with my mom… actually, it wasn’t that bad. I am just so happy that after today I won’t have to hear that crappy Christmas music for another full year. Anyhooos, here is a picture of a fish. Enjoy.

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Today I spent the day with my bff at a wedding show and now I’m starting to think that the whole white wedding dress thing is kinda played out. I wonder if she’ll go for an abstract scary looking one instead.

If a viable third party ever arises in the US, I suggest using this doodle as their logo. And come to think of it, “The Cephalopod Party” does have a certain ring to it.

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  • autonomousspirit: Live drawing is pretty...different, I will say that. Especially if you have a professor or course instructor constantly peering over your shoulder! P
  • originaldoodles: Thanks so much! I really appreciate the feedback. Its been a while since i've posted any drawings but knowing that I have an audience will definitely
  • autonomousspirit: Hello! I thought you might like to know I found your page while googling pen and ink drawings, & I love your focus on the organic atmosphere! :)